Host your own cloud data
with minimal technical knowhow

Ever wanted to host your own email, website and files?
We make that easy by providing configured isolated containers with handpicked applications to manage your online life.

The best of open source
Available for everyone

Open source software can provide you with all the tools you need for online communication, all hosted on your own container.

We provide a wide range of services including email, website hosting, jabber, owncloud, private search engine, calendar, contacts and syncing, all on your own indendent cloud node.

We configure the stack and keep the system up to date with security updates, but you have full control over the users and applications installed. Our simple administratino interface allows you to add users and domains and also give access to applications.

With a simple setup and minimal maintenance you can run your own infrastructure and take your data freedom back!

Our products and Services

We provide a number of packages for containers with guaranteed resources:

Openhub Hosted

A single user account on our openhub software stack with access to 15 applications.

Openhub Private

Your own multiuser container with access to 15 applications.

Openhub Custom

A custom container with the resources and applications your organisation requires

More information?

We are currently in Alpha testing.